The Lux Lavalier Pendant is powered by a rechargeable cylindrical button 14500 Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery. Please only use button top Lithium Ion batteries in Lux Lavalier’s custom behind-the-neck holder.

A button-top Li-Ion 14500 battery has a small “nub” on the positive terminal as shown in the first picture below:

Button Top Flat Top
Like this Not like this


• Place the battery into the holder by pushing the negative end of the battery against the spring until compressed, then slide the positive battery end into the holder. When you release the battery, the spring will hold it in place.

• The battery clasp contains a strong magnet which automatically completes the circuit when it closes. Once the clasp is disconnected, the circuit is broken and the pendant will turn off.

• Be sure to remove the battery before putting the pendant away for storage. Even if the clasp is disconnected, the magnet could pull the connection together again, causing the pendant to turn on and run down the battery.

• If your Lux Lavalier display “freezes” and does not respond to button presses, then it is likely that your battery has run down and requires recharging. Remove the battery from the case and recharge it USING AN APPROPRIATE Lithium Ion battery charger. You may find it useful to have a spare 14500 LiIon battery on hand to continue wearing the pendant while one battery is charging.


NEVER insert the battery into the holder with the wrong orientation! Doing so will reverse the polarity of the circuit and is highly likely to damage the electronics inside the pendant. The battery holder is designed to prevent reverse polarity contact, but it is still possible.

NEVER use AA alkaline batteries! Doing so will under-power the circuitry and is highly likely to damage the electronics inside the pendant.

• For more information on safe operation and storage of LiIon batteries, please see this safety sheet from the National Fire Protection Association

• The pendant and holder contain live electronic components that are not water-resistant. Please store them away from moisture and keep them from getting wet – especially while being worn.

• Please handle your Lux Lavalier pendant with care as the wires holding the pendant contain a live electrical circuit. The pendant will stand up to normal daily wear but is not designed to handle excessive strain.

• Pulling firmly on the pendant or wiring may cause the clasp to disconnect while it is worn, and the pendant may come loose and fall if this happens. Do not wear your pendant anywhere that you think it may catch easily. This easy-release mechanism allows for quick removal of the pendant and disconnection of the circuit, should damage occur to the electronics while the pendant is being worn.

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