Lux Lavalier comes with a wide variety of patterns built-in, as shown below. By default, it will automatically play a playlist of pre-selected patterns. The sequencer can be configured via the web interface over wi-fi in the following ways:

Pattern sequencer options:
  • Off: Continuously play your selected favorite pattern. You can manually move to the next pattern by clicking the button on the back.
  • Shuffle All: randomly shuffle between all patterns after playing each one for an adjustable duration.
  • Playlist: patterns can be arranged into a playlist with customizable order and duration for each pattern.

The Pixelblaze controller inside your Lux Lavalier allows you to write your own patterns! In fact, you can view and edit the code for every pattern included with it.

Next step: Writing your own patterns



Color Waves

Rotating Palettes

Spiral Twirls

Outward Palettes

Fractal Fireball

Fractal Flower

Infinity Flower

Edge Burst


Slow Color Shift

Slow Color Shift 2

Slow Color Shift: Angle

Slow Color Shift: Radius


Spin Cycle



Rainbow Melt

Eye of Sauron

Coronal Mass Ejection

Palette Noise

Perlin Fire