Charging the battery:
  1. The battery may have a protective film or tape covering one or both of the contacts on the ends that should be removed before proceeding.

  2. Your battery is very likely not fully-charged. Carefully note the charger and battery’s correct direction, orientation, and polarity.

  3. Insert the battery in to your charger and connect the charger to power. Your charger may plug in to a USB port or directly into a wall socket.

  4. Wait until your battery is fully-charged. The charging and charged indicators can vary between different charger types.

Inserting the battery:
  1. Insert the battery with the negative side against the spring in the holder.

  2. Insert the magnet end of the wire into the hole in the end of the negative side of the holder.

    The light on the back should turn on and then back off.

  3. The lights on the front should turn on.

Congratulations! Your Lux Lavalier is now fully assembled! It will now automatically play a playlist of pre-selected patterns endlessly (well, until the battery runs out and needs recharged).

For more control, you can connect to it via wi-fi.

Next step: Wi-Fi